About Us

Sunday Online Open Mic

Join us on Radio FreakJam every Sunday, 7pm as we're joined by guests from across the country and even the world, as they play live music into your living rooms via YouTube.

Mondays Meet The Freaks

With our growing community, we like to spend some Mondays getting to know some of the people in the group! Tune in live or watch previous shows on YouTube.

Saturdays Zoom & Quiz

We aren't currently running any quiz nights, but do have the occasional zoom! Keep your eyes on the FreakJam Facebook Group for more information!

Radio FreakJam was born out of necessity. In the dark, desperate times of the Great Corona of 2020, the people of the world we’re hiding in their living rooms, social distancing and self isolating, hoarding toilet roll and hand sanitiser and getting bored of all the same old programs on Netflix and Amazon. Gig’s were cancelled across the globe and it seemed that live music would die a slow, silent death in the trenches of the Viral War. But some brave folks took to the internet in an attempt to instill some morale in the troops and bring them their weekly dose of tunes. You could almost hear a grinding of the gears as the world wide web struggled to take the strain of home schooled children fighting for bandwidth with bored musicians and people “working from home” and we all wondered if it could be the end…

But obviously it’s not!

The FreakJam Band have been organising live jam nights for over 20 years and for the past few years it has found its home at Mr Bumble in Camberley. The Freakjam runs regularly every Thursday from 9pm and musicians join the house band, bring their own bands or play solo for 3 or 4 songs before moving on to the next act. Not only is it a night of talented musicians and good music, but it is a community where bands, friendships, and relationships have developed! With the sad news of all gigs being cancelled and pubs closing, people asked “What are we going to do now for our fix of live music?”    

The Freakjam is frequented by a lot of creative people, people who knew they would get very bored in the coming months, people who retreated to their studios and debated that very question…

And Radio Freakjam was birthed from outdated computers, old software, lots of advice, plenty of swearing, some testing and determination, and it rose from the slab like a Frankensteins Monster of internet broadcasting, unrecognisable to most DJs and VJs. But it kinda worked… 

Radio FreakJam brings an Open Mic Night online and into your living rooms. We remotely connect to musicians across the country and sometimes even across continents, then we broadcast their music and video out to YouTube for the world to watch.

 The Online Open Mic Night now runs every Sunday from 7pm onwards and includes guests, music talk, fun, possibly some drinking and most importantly live music! 

You can catch the show by watching here on the site, or clicking the show links posted on our social media a short time before the show starts!