Join us every Sunday, 7pm for our Online Open Mic Night


We want to showcase as many artists as possible each week, so to eliminate as many technical issues as possible please read our shortlist of what we will require from you to join the show…

  • You will need a computer that has a web camera, a microphone of some kind and a web browser with a good internet connection. Unfortunately, we currently cannot work with mobile phones or tablets. Where possible please make sure computers are hard-wired to a router and not using wi-fi.
  • Please make sure that you have headphones and that you wear them whilst talking to us. Please make sure any other playback is turned off so it is not looping back to your microphone and avoid watching the YouTube feed whilst on the show.
  • Please make sure instruments are tuned and ready to play before joining us on air.
  • Please keep your setup as simple as possible and where possible avoid sending your audio and video through other processors and software before sending it to us. We have found this to cause some issues with connection.
  • Please be aware that the show is live and things can, and probably will go wrong. Any booked time slots are subject to change and are just a guide. Please make sure you are available at least fifteen minutes before your booked slot and please be patient if you have to wait.
  • We reserve the right to cut the feed on you at any time should anything you say or do be classed as offensive or defamatory by the Radio FreakJam team.
  • All artists will be allowed 2 songs.

If you would like to appear on one of our other shows such as the Monday ‘Meet the Freaks’ please drop us a line (aka use our contact page.)


If you are unsure of your setup we are more than happy to help, please contact us here!

Please pick a time slot for the week of:

Booking for RadioFreak jam is currently unavailable!

Please come back between Monday and Thursday to book your slot!